“Dao” path of Master Khan (Switzerland)

Master Han


Master Han 瀚 子 – is a founder of Wu Ji Academy. He was born in Cambodia, lived in several countries of Asia, Africa and Europe. He inherited from his grandfather, Taoist healer, a natural sensitivity to the invisible forces that he learned to understand and respect. For many years Master Han has been involved in practicing and teaching Feng Shui in Europe, USA and Asia.

Having always lived at the crossroad of cultures and religions, he developed a global and penetrating vision of the world, nature and human beings as one integral world which lacks harmony.

Conversations with masters always inspire us. As for Master Han he turned to be a fascinating, even magical person :), as well as my recent meeting with him in Moscow at the third Open International Conference of Feng Shui Chinese practices of prophesying!

Natalya Zhuravel: From Feng Shui perspective the city where you live is considered as a “Dragon’s Den” that is very auspicious place. Please, comment on the Switzerland’s location in general in view of exterior forms.

Master Han: You can found such places in different corners of our planet. Switzerland just has many mountains and water therefore according to Feng Shui it is rightfully considered as auspicious country. You are right, my city is called a “Dragon’s Den” – I even wrote an article about it and explained why I moved to reside in Switzerland, because if we have Water – we have money, and if we have Mountains –we have family health accordingly. Probably if I had a lot of money I would live in Geneva as the Water has more influence there, although the mountains are farther and, therefore, their protection is much less. It depends on what do you want – and Feng Shui will always find a solution.

Dao Path of Master Khan - mountains


Natalya Zhuravel: Are there any architectural features or the specifics that is peculiar just for Switzerland?

Master Han: Yes, there are. It’s about the wooden houses located in the mountains. They have gabled roofs. It is due to vast quantities of falling snow. Such roofs do not allow snow to retain on it. These houses have many bedrooms with a steep slope of the ceiling.

Natalya Zhuravel: You are involved in training and practicing in Europe. What kind of courses do you have for today?

Master Han and Natalya Zhuravel

Master Han: I practice in French speaking countries. It is Belgium, France, and Switzerland. You may see it on my website http://www.wuji-academy.com/en/team/master-han.html. I have a team of five people – among them there are four instructors who reside in France and Switzerland. I divided courses into four parts (levels) that allowed training any person from novice to expert.

Natalya Zhuravel:What would you like to wish our readers in Ukraine?

Master Han: When I began familiarizing with Feng Shui my life was a complete mess and depression. I had big problems with health, huge debts, in general, all my life “went downhills”. And it happened that I’ve seen a small photo of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai in the Internet and took a decision to learn only from him. As I just started studies I felt getting rid from my nightmare. Eventually in the process of training course I found my own path (“DAO”) and since that I feel myself as a full-fledged personality. I completed training program and started to practice. A few months later Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai asked me to be his representative. For sure, I applied Feng Shui rules to my own apartment – the place where I lived at that moment. Six months later I’ve bought a new house. In the house I implemented a formula of Water Dragon – and thereafter I received a lot of money. I travelled a lot and consulted in India, USA and other countries. My life has totally changed. I decided to devote it to Feng Shui and share knowledge with those who is ready to listen to me. I believe that you should begin with following your master. If future students are ready to follow Master’s steps, to learn the path of Dao, apply all techniques and become like me, you are welcome!

Moscow, 2013 год

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