Secret of Singapore’s success

Author: Наталья Журавель


Singapore is a small city with rapidly growing population and economy. Being a tiny country Singapore is a powerful financial center of Asia. Similarly to Hong Kong Singapore has been built following Feng Shui principles.

Singapore is a city-state with a multinational culture and high standards of living. This country gained independence in 1965 and could quickly attain high economic growth rates. In the West it was called “one of economic tigers of South-East Asia”. Now it is a lion city and a real economic business center. Many people have a question about the secret of this success. Professionals of various industries will give you a variety of replies and everyone will express his own opinion.

One of the secrets is in its fantastic geographical location which makes Singapore a huge trade center. Singapore is situated on archipelago of 63 islands including Singapore Island. Some projects merge smaller islands by the way of alluvium to create larger and more functional island. In progress of alluvium projects implementation the area of Singapore has been increased to 581,5 in 1960s and to 715.8 as of today.


If we see the position of Malaysia peninsula in relation to Singapore we could notice mountain ranges in the north-west which bring Dragon to the south-east and auspicious “Dragon’s Lair” is generated in Singapore. Singapore is surrounded by water: South China Sea in the east and Strait of Malacca in the west. From the perspective of external shape Malaysia peninsula represents a shield in the form of Black Turtle from behind and Green Dragon on the left – East Malaysia and White Tiger on the right –Indonesia. Phoenix is represented by a huge façade – one of the largest ports in the world. Owing to accurate positions of Tiger and Dragon since declaration of independence Singapore established friendly relationship with their neighbors.

Singapore has a plenty of water resources and the Water in Feng Shui is associated with motion and wealth. May be it is one of constituents of the country’s success in most of the areas and industry. Local airline company “Singapore Airlines” is one of the most profitable in the world. Oil industry of this country is the largest in Asia and the third largest oil industry in the worlds. At first sight it seems to be unrealistic achievements for such a “young nation”. Auspicious external environment and location produce prosperous cities and business centers capable to accumulate wealth. This case illustrates it very well.

In general geographic location of Singapore generates large flows of energies which are of the vital importance for wellbeing of the whole country. As for the architecture Feng Shui plays a key role in construction of many buildings and structures in Singapore.

Merlion statue



Merlion statue is a national symbol of Singapore. Dragon with lion’s jaws is featured on the country’s postal stamps and its depiction may be seen pretty much everywhere.

Singaporeans believe that Merlion is symbolically associated with wisdom and reputation and it ensures Singapore’s prosperity and protects against unfavorable energy.

In the beginning of 2009 following the global financial crisis Merlion was struck by lightning. Repair of the statue took more than two weeks and damaged areas were restored. Local citizens think that thereafter happiness and prosperity came back to Singapore. Using the example of Merlion it’s interesting to observe the way how expertly from the aesthetic point of view the Chinese traditions and cultural peculiarities are embodied in architectural design of Singapore.

Ferris wheel – «Prosperity Qi activator»

Singapore city skyline at night

Singapore has the highest Ferris wheel in the world. It was built in 2008 and has a diameter of 150 m. The wheel has 28 passenger cars, each car is able to seat 28 spectators and the rotation cycle makes 28 minutes. Initially the wheel was turned counterclockwise if you look from the side of Marina center. This direction was changed following the advice of Feng Shui Master. Now it turns clockwise towards the most prosperous district of Singapore and bears positive energy. It seems as if the wheel “directs energy from water to financial center”.

Marina Bay Sands – center of Singapore’s prosperity

For today Marina Bay Sands becomes not just the main tourist attraction in Singapore but also one of the superior decorations of the city.


Opening of Marina took place through several stages. Within a period of 1,5 years they chose eight dates. The main official opening was held on June 23, 2010. According to the classical data selection this day is very auspicious for official openings, moving to a new house, house-warming, celebrating holidays, etc.

This complex is turned towards the gulf Marina Bay adjacent to the core financial district of the city. Marina Bay Sands is situated in the most prosperous district not far from the Singaporean Ferris wheel.

Architecture of the complex has all five elements: three towers of Marina Bay Sands and the surrounding skyscrapers bear the energy of Wood; design of the complex also bears Fire elements; some of the buildings, which surround Marina Bay, symbolize the Earth element; silver-white color bears Metal element; Water element pervaded almost the whole complex: curved design as well as plenty of surrounding waters.

Marina Bay Sands can offer 2500 hotel rooms, one of the largest casinos in the world, Museum of Science and Art, two major theaters, plenty of conference-halls, shopping malls with underground passages, embankment, etc.


Three towers symbolize good luck, prosperity and long life. A platform of Skypark swimming pool with a panoramic view is built on the roof of three towers, which have a hotel inside. It is a huge suspended structure located on the height of 191 meters above the ground. Visiting the swimming pool hotel guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of Singapore panorama.

Many practitioners believe that according to Feng Shui principles “Water above the Earth” means big losses. However in this case we have a living illustration of the case when we proceed from analyzing the I-Syn hexagram “Lake is above the mountain” that means that “commerce or venture business can be successful”. Mutual attraction takes place when these two types of energy interact with each other.

8_skaypak 9_basseyn_skaypak

In the front part of Marina Bay it has a casino and a shopping mall. Jogging track, gardens, restaurants and bars. Next to three towers is a Museum of Science and Art in the form of tripped lotus flower. Lotus is deemed to serve as a collector of rain water, thus attracting money energy of the main financial district and provides conditions for sustainable growth of profit. The whole complex of Marina Bay contains special formulas which connect the Sky, Earth and Human via the rain water – it is a fine adjustment to switch over to the wave of prosperity :).

10_muzey-lotosWater formulas penetrate the whole interior Feng Shui of Marina Bay Sands – including its casino and shopping mall. Water falls downwards that brings Qi of wealth to the shops and restaurants located on the lower levels of the shopping mall.

11_vodnyy_drakon 12_podklyuchenie_k_vodnomu_drakonu

The main entrance of the complex is situated in the north, and two additional entries are located in the south-east and in the west. All three entrances are focused around casino. Flying stare are located here in combination of “7 Star Robbery”. This points to the fact that the energies work towards the situation when it’s almost impossible to win the casino.





Interior design of the casino bears the energy of Water. “Golden opening for Qi” in the casino’s ceiling could not be unnoticed. A secret Feng Shui method is applied here when the Earth connects with the Sky.

Walking down the complex the attendants have an opportunity to enjoy a magnificent view of racing track and gardens near the gulf.

14_sady_u_zalivaGarden near the gulf has elements of water and plants. Water Dragon of the garden guarantees constant influx of visitors and successful business.

Singapore is a vivid example of the fact when a beautiful and wealthy state can be created in conditions of limited opportunities related to restricted territory, time and resources. Favorable location (it is surrounded by water and supported by beautiful picturesque mountains) provides Singapore with fantastically auspicious Feng Shui. Water is accumulated in this place and brings wealth to its dwellers. Owing to such surrounding and exterior shapes people have high incomes and the country has a low level of unemployment and high living standards. There is no doubts that Singapore will flourish not just within the nearest years but through many generations :).

Natalya Zhuravel