Plants in Feng Shui. Energy generators in your house.

Author: Наталья Журавель

Plants in Feng-Shui

Plants are not only sources of oxygen and beauty around us, but they are also energy filters which are capable to absorb negative energy and generate favorable energy at our home or office. At the same time it is very important that the plants have a healthy look. If in your house you have fresh air, enough sun light, appropriate humidity and temperature home plants will feel comfort: they will be good-looking and green.

Feng Shui of the house id considered inauspicious if home plants wither and die. Something that is bad for plants is also unfavorable for humans. That’s why first of all you should find the reason why the plants wither. Healthy house has healthy dwellers 🙂

Usually home plants are located in the living room, dining room or study room. However you should keep in mind that any abundance of plants make them to become vampires. Therefore your bedroom should not have too many plants and they should not be situated near the bed. In bedroom it’s better to use plants which release oxygen at night hours. Among such plants are: kalanchoe, aloe and sansevieria.

Plants for the bedroom

Sansevieria (referred to in the vernacular as «mother-in-law’s tongue» or «pike’s tail») is of great endurance. It grows in full sunlight as well as in the shade, sustains dry air, draughts and rare watering. This plant has unique properties: it is able to absorb more than 100 diverse air pollutants. NASA researchers proved that Sansevieria and aloe are almost ideal for air cleaning during the long-term space flights.

Ficus, geranium, bamboo, aloe and kalanchoe have a very powerful energy.

How to use plants in the house according to Feng Shui?

  • Using plants at your home or office you are able to neutralize poison arrows of sharp edges or to alleviate inauspicious effect of sloping ceilings.Sha of the sharp corner
  • With plants you are able to activate Dragon sector. In Feng Shui dragon is associated with financial prosperity. If you stand face to the door, beautiful green plant to the right from the door will symbolize dragon. This plant can be placed inside as well as outside the room. For example you can put nice green plant on the left of your working table. Placement of the plants indoors acording to Feng-Shui
  • Using plants we can “dry” unfavorable water in bathrooms or any other premises. For this purpose you may chose “mother-in-law’s tongue” or bamboo Dracaena Sanderiana.Dracaena in a bathroom
  • Plants are also able to absorb negative electromagnetic waves. Therefore it’s quite appropriate to place any green plants with round leafs near computer and electric appliances. Feng-Shui: plants and a computer

Plants are excellent indicators of healthiness or problems with premises. If there are quarrels and scandals in the house the plants feel it and often fall sick. Sometimes plants also have impact on human health. For instance, if there is a broken or sick tree in a certain sector of the garden, using correct Feng Shui calculations we are able to determine who of the family members can suffer. That’s why when a plant falls sick you should immediately cure it or remove.

Natural plants grow, blossom and serve as source of energy. Artificial plants are very static and they don’t activate motion of Qi and possess Yin energy. However when it’s required to equalize the balance of elements inside the room or correct the energies then we can use artificial energies. Most often it is required for toilet and bathroom facilities.

Dry plants – bear dead energy. These plants are not so harmful but also do not deliver benefit.

Plants as decoration of a room

For instance, in China peonies are deemed to be romantic flowers and are favorable for unmarried girls. Peonies in the bedroom are recommended just in the first years of marriage. Since the moment when a young wife becomes a mother the peonies should be removed from the bedroom. Otherwise it can lead to love triangle. Married couples should evade any blossoming plants in the bedroom. Even pictures depicting blossoming plants will be inappropriate in the bedroom. However if you are lonely a bunch of freshly cut peonies is able to attract romantic relationship.

Sharp-leaved plants should be evaded. There is an opinion that cactuses should be placed near the monitor. Probably this opinion is just of psychological nature however cactuses accumulate negative energy on their needles. It is not recommended to put them on the working table or in the bedroom.

Cactuses in Feng-Shui



Cactuses may be very auspicious if you put them in a proper place in the house. For example on the windowsill they can serve as protectors from unfavourable flow of energy from external environment. In front of the monitor it’s better to place Ficus or Sansevieria.

Лекарственный бамбук



Particular respect should be paid to Bambuk (or Dracaena Sanderiana)! This plant of great endurance, which is easy to care about, symbolises strong health, longevity and prosperity. In Feng Shui it is often used for remedies.




Growing Bonsai people carry out artificial manipulations and slow down natural growth. Therefore these plants have negative genetic memory and inapplicable for the premises.


Climbing plants bear more Yin energy. They are also deemed to be plants-vampires. Climbing Lianas are not recommended in the apartments and houses however they are rather acceptable in the gardens.

Geranium – is a plant-indicator, which protects the family hearth. Geranium has a powerful positive energy. Its place is in the kitchen or living room.

Lotus, neutralizing negative energy

In Buddhism and many other Asian cultures Lotus is a sacred plant: symbol of purity, harmony and spirituality. Lotus has an ability to leave its roots in the silt and grow above the water it its ideal purity. It is a symbol of spiritual achievements. Basic magical property of lotus is to transform earthy material energy into spiritual one. Bio field of lotus is capable to neutralize any negative energies. Magic does not work in the places where you place lotus. In Chinese medicine all parts of lotus, from roots to petals, are used for remedy purposes. As many know, Disneyland in Hong Kong has been built in compliance with all principles of Feng Shui. On the territory and in the premises of Hong Kong Disneyland there are more than 4,000 lotuses.


Fill your house with various beautiful plants. The more comfortable you feel at home the more comfortable you’ll feel yourself in the surrounding world. Everything is interrelated! There are healthy green plants which, if located in the proper placed, will grant you not only fresh air and their beauty but also the energy.

Wishing you harmony and comfort,

Natalya Zhuravel