Feng Shui forecast for 2012 – a year of Water Dragon

Author: Наталья Журавель


On the eve of every New Year even those who don’t believe in energies and Feng Shui become interested what to expect from the next year and what is the nature of one of 12 totem animals who will reign over the next year.

A year of Metal Rabbit will be replaced by the year of Water Dragon that is highly valued by Chinese tradition. Although Feng Shui has never had similar forecasts for everybody still there are some certain energies which are brought by a certain year and we can study their influence to protect ourselves from inauspicious energies and get maximum effect of the auspicious ones.

First of all before we review the energies brought by 2012 I have to specify that according to Feng Shui the New Year will start not on January 1 as is common in the most part of the globe. The Chinese celebrate New Year according to Lunar calendar. In 2012 it will be January 23. As for Chinese astrology they use Solar calendar therefore their Ney Year will start of February 4? 2012 at 12:59 pm Kiev time and, accordingly, at this time we have the influx of new energies.

Description of the year according to the elements

Proceeding from the theory of Five Elements a Year of Water Dragon is represented by two elements:



Water element – similar to ocean, full of energy. It is very powerful water. Furthermore, it is unpredictable – at any moment it is ready to change direction of its motion.

Earth element, which contains hidden elements of Wood, Earth and Water. In Chinese astrology this element is called as water storage.

Impact of Dragon year energies on various spheres of activity

During the whole year power of the Earth will become weaker that will influence real estate market, animal farming and business related to building materials. When the energy weakens then we expect decrease in profit in the respective sectors. It does not mean that everybody has such a prospect but this trend is expected to continue throughout the whole year.

This element will favor to commerce sphere as restaurant and tourist business, logistics and service industry.

People, who deal with investments, should more thoroughly consider the bargains and take a more balanced approach to decision-making.

It’s a good year for health care and education spheres. The energy will contribute to spiritual development of people.


According to Feng Shui in 2012 the West and North-West will become the best directions for travelling. Travelling to the South-East and North is not desirable, especially in April and October of 2012 as well as in January of 2013.



Where is the right place for the New Year’s tree

Many people ask what kind of clothing to choose to meet the New Year as well as what kind of dishes is preferred and which diches are forbidden at the New Year table. It turns out that the most important factor which has much more effect is the place where you place the New Year’s tree.

The New Year’s tree with a numbers of lights brings active Yank energy which has an effect on good luck, prosperity and wellbeing. This year the North-West and North-East will become auspicious for the New Year’s tree. It is not recommended to place it in the East, South or North.

Correction of energies of 2012

Starting from February 4, 2012 change of yearly energies takes place therefore it would be better to be prepared by this time in order to get most of auspicious energies and correct influence of inauspicious ones.

In 2012 the South-East is the most unfavorable sector in your home or office. You should remove any things of red or brown colors in this area. This sector will be visited by the worst of all energies that could bring financial difficulties, problems with relationships and health.

foto_4_muzyka_vetraThe “number two” – a “thickness star” flies to the North. It won’t be the right place for sleeping or any other activities.

South-West will host the “number three” – a “star of quarrels and conflicts. However it can bring success in business to those who are strategically ready for moving forward.

“Romance star” (“number four”) will arrive to the East. It will favor romantic relationship particularly if the bedroom is located in this sector. The “number four” will become a star of success for writers and journalists in their creative activities.

West will be visited by the “number eight” – “money star”. If your entrance door is in the west sector you should anticipate profit and success.

If your entrance door or bed is in the North-East then the “number nine” will promote successful investments of money in shares or getting high dividends from investments to stock market. Special festive events are possible.

Favorable location of bed is in the South where the “Academic star” will bring success and promote achievements in intellectual spheres, earning of scientific degrees.

All the aforesaid is a brief and general description of energies’ impact on our life in 2012. Forecast is individual for each person as well as means of its influence that could be determined as a result of annual correction.


Feng Shui correction for2012

Annual correction is additional measures to diminish influence of inauspicious energies and to enhance auspicious ones, which comes with every new year. Feng Shui expert uses a range of techniques applied proceeding from examination of the premises and their surroundings. Everybody who has an experience of ordering Feng Shui projects for their home or office continues to order this service on the annual basis.

Please, find details of Feng Shui project’s implementation in the article Feng Shui consultation. To order the project or annual correction of the premises, please, click on the Contacts tab.

In general, Dragon is a friendly creature. In the East it is associated with good luck!

I wish you happy and successful year of Water Dragoon!

Natalya Zhuravel