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DNEPR POST: Natalya Zhuravel «About this year of the Fire Monkey and about Feng Shui in Dnepropetrovsk»

General trends of 2016 China traditionally celebrates New Year according to the lunar calendar. This is predominantly a folk custom. The new moon will come just in a few days on February 8, 2016. On that day all ethnic Chinese will celebrate New Year. However the Chinese astrology and Feng Shui use the solar calendar. Therefore today, on February 4 at 11.48 a.m. (Kiev time) a change of the season will take place. It is a starting point for astrological spring when the energy begins to grow and develop. It is a... >>

“Dao” path of Master Khan (Switzerland)

  Master Han 瀚 子 – is a founder of Wu Ji Academy. He was born in Cambodia, lived in several countries of Asia, Africa and Europe. He inherited from his grandfather, Taoist healer, a natural sensitivity to the invisible forces that he learned to understand and respect. For many years Master Han has been involved in practicing and teaching Feng Shui in Europe, USA and Asia. Having always lived at the crossroad of cultures and religions, he developed a global and penetrating vision of the world, nature and human beings as... >>

Feng Shui and Selection of dates with Master Mimi Moorhouse (Great Britain)

«If we realize the potential of our fate and based on it use the information and responsibly approach the selection of time, then we use one of the opportunities of human luck.  Selection of auspicious day – is an art of determining favorable time when the Universe has the best combination of energies to achieve certain successes”.  Mimi Moorouse – is a successful and worldwide known consultant and instructor teaching to select favorable dates according to BaZi and Feng Shui. Geography of her activities is so expanded that Mimi may be reasonably... >>


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Feng Shui and Conception

  Most of the families dream to have children and full happy family. Nevertheless many couples face difficulties in conceiving... >>