Natalya Zhuravel – about the role of Feng Shui in my life

Natalya Zhuravel about the role of Feng Shui

How did you first get to know about Feng Shui?

Slightly before the moment when I started learning Feng Shui I felt lack of “space” or “air” in my apartment. And moving to another place would not solve the problem. My best friend presented me a book on Feng Shui which became my great discovery. I’ve got interested how it works. However one book was obviously not enough. Since that moment I commenced my path of searching the information about Feng Shui and familiarization with this art.

A little bit later my library had all books available for purchase in Ukraine and Russia. Natalya Pravdina, Lilian Too, Eva Wong, Lev Igelnik and many other authors that slightly opened me the door to Feng Shui world. Having thoroughly studied all these sources I’ve not seen a clear system which, as I’ve got to know later, exists in Feng Shui. I decided not to experiment with my family based just on books and invited an expert to create auspicious Feng Shui at my home. Together with my husband we approached this issue comprehensively – changed layout and replaced furniture. As a result we had a long-awaited feeling of free and open space. We had just to take measures and go ahead almost without any obstacles. This happened to be so inspiring that it became something like a trigger and my life started to be enriched with new people, events and information which more and more immersed me into study of professional Feng Shui. I began to find answers to my questions.

In a certain time in Moscow there was held a meeting with Anatoliy Sokolov, official instructor of the Academy of Yap Cheng Hai in Russia, Master of Feng Shui and member of IFSA – International Feng Shui Association (Singapore). Study in the Academy of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and acquaintance with the Grand Master himself became the next important stage of my life.

Simultaneously I was trained by the leading masters of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany and the United Kingdom. During my studies in Malaysia I’ve also completed practical course of Feng Shui that was fundamental study on my way to becoming and expert of Feng Shui. It’s in Malaysia that, under the guidance of Grand Master, the knowledge have been structured and built in an integral harmonious system which had answers to any questions and which usually provides Feng Shui expert with reasonable confidence in every action. Moreover communication with Grand Master boosts everyone with extraordinary energy – you can only read about it in books or see in movies about Oriental Masters. However the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Why have you decided to make Feng Shui to become your professional occupation?

People around me saw rapid changes occurring in my life owing to Feng Shui. Little by little my good friends and their close friends felt the need for Feng Shui services to be provided for their home, business, etc.


What is the difference of classical Feng Shui from popular Feng Shui?

I’ll try to explain you in brief – in order that popular Feng Shui could work human needs to use visualizations. As for classical Feng Shui it works always and for everybody! It’s even not important whether a human believes in it or not.


What do you think about popularization and simplification of Feng Shui (incompetent person can have an impression that this science is simple and easy to learn)?

When you visit any bookstore of Ukraine, Russia, or almost anywhere in Europe, you can see a huge number of books on Feng Shui and at best there will be just one, written by Master. Unfortunately modern book market is first of all oriented on populism and the reader is offered something he/she wants to hear about – something simple to comprehend, i.e. something that will be in demand of wide range of consumers. I deeply respect the popularizers of Feng Shui – Lilian Too and Natalya Pravdina because owing to them we got to know about Feng Shui in Ukraine and Russia as well as in the western world. But unfortunately in most of the cases it’s just and industry of book selling business.


What kind of people seeks your services more often? What is their profession or occupation?

Ordinary people with ordinary problems: managers, businessmen, state officials, actors and politicians. Everybody strive for well-being of their families, development of personality, success in business, etc. I’m very lucky that only nice and kind people seek my services. Every one of them is a unique personality aiming at perfection. I’m happy to have an opportunity not only to help them but also to learn quite a lot from them.


Are there any bright examples of “miracles” that changed lives of your clients?

A few years ago a married couple addressed to me. For the period of 15 years they couldn’t have children. At the same time doctors said that they both had no problems with health. After Feng Shui analysis of their house it became clear that there are inauspicious conditions for child-bearing. In a few months after fulfilling all recommendations a wife became pregnant and born a child. In this case the problem was evident and solvable however it doesn’t always happen like this.


Recently there was a case when a Chief of one company visited me and consulted whether he should close his business or there is an opportunity that it will gain a second wind. We found another premises for his business, defined favorable direction of the Chief and other key employees, put a water formula therein, etc. Within a year the sales volumes increased and three new branches were opened in other cities. Although I would not consider this case a “miraculous” one as it is more related to everyday work :).


Are there any cases when you refuse to consult or cannot help?

I can deny a request to make the consultation in cases related to divorce, harm to another person, and damage to business, etc.


Does Feng Shui have any techniques to make ordinary human to become very rich?

Feng Shui – is just one of the aspects of human life. There is a conventional division into:

33% – is a Heaven’s luck, which is provided by the Heavens. It’s our destiny and we are not able to change it;

33% – human luck, that depends on what we are doing today, our thoughts and actions, our own efforts and spiritual growth, and everyone id able to change it;

33% – the Earth’s luck, that we are able to change using Feng Shui principles, and we can use them to the maximum extent.

Therefore if the Heavens have not made us millionaires we are not able to change it, but it’s only 30% of your luck :). Sometimes I meet people who want to become rich and at the same time they do nothing. It must be realized that 70% of opportunities to grow rich depend on the human himself. For sure, Feng Shui can help a human to attract favorable energy of money from the exterior environment, for example, applying water formulas and other techniques. But still you have to work and money will come through your job and not “fall from Heavens”». Feng Shui does not perform magic!


Is there any connection of Feng Shui with oriental philosophy and religion?

As a rule Masters combine Feng Shui with spiritual practices – Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Most of famous Feng Shui Masters are involved with Buddhism as Feng Shui came from the East. Nevertheless Feng Shui is not a religion. It’s absolutely different concepts which do not depend on each other.


On a global scale is it possible to apply Feng Shui principles similarly to all people on the planets and all countries of the world?

There are some differences in application. It depends on the locality and environment. The energy of the sea shore is quite different from the energy of the mountain peak. Landscape has a huge impact on people, cities and countries. Therefore there are countries with more or less developed economies. I like to give an example of Switzerland, classically located in the auspicious place because of many mountains and much water. Mountains provide strong health and well-being. Water is associated with money. Many rich people reside in Geneva. Therefore I advise you immediately to buy real estate in Geneva 🙂 🙂 :). …If jokes aside, we can find many of such places in different corners of our planet … we have them in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk as well 🙂


So, what is Feng Shui in your life?

I like that Dalai Lama once said: “We are visitors on this planet for 90 or 100 years at most. During that period, we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find that goal. This is the true meaning of life”.