Feng Shui and Selection of dates with Master Mimi Moorhouse (Great Britain)

«If we realize the potential of our fate and based on it use the information and responsibly approach the selection of time, then we use one of the opportunities of human luck. 

Feng Shui Master Mimi Moorhause

Selection of auspicious day – is an art of determining favorable time when the Universe has the best combination of energies to achieve certain successes”. 

Mimi Moorouse – is a successful and worldwide known consultant and instructor teaching to select favorable dates according to BaZi and Feng Shui. Geography of her activities is so expanded that Mimi may be reasonably called globally minded person and cosmopolitan. Even mostly because of the reason that during her life she had a chance to live on three continents having assimilated the peculiarities of various cultures and traditions. It’s obvious that a Feng Shui Master with such an open-mindedness and personal experience definitely has something to share. I was lucky to meet with Mimi and ask her a few questions in order to publish the answers for readers of my website.

You simultaneously represent three countries – Hong Kong, USA and Great Britain. What is the most positive influence of the East on the West in your opinion? What kind of changes do you see now in the West?

I was born in Hong Kong and studied there for the period of six years – my mother wished me to be able to read well in classical Chinese. Later the whole our family moved to America where I lived almost until I attained 40 years. Then I moved to England. Now I am 62 years old and during my life I lived on three continents. I was born in Hong Kong and acquired classical Chinese education, and it helped me in my further life as I could easily study all Feng Shui materials and other classical Chinese texts in the original. Now my library has more than 400 books about Feng Shui, BaZi, I-tsyn, selection of favorable dates, physiognomy, etc.

I like to conduct researches. By the way, my website does not contain any information on “opening doors”, “flying dragons” and other similar content it has only reliable information, studied by me or taken from personal experience.

What aspect do you mean when you ask about positive influence of the East on the West?

I: In the West people became more interested in Oriental culture. Still Feng Shui is more related to Eastern traditions.

Mimi: Yes, that’s true. But for Feng Shui Russians would hardly study the Oriental culture to such a great extent. Exploration and travelling to the East, of course, started to influence the West. If you remember previously the East was considered as some kind of “mystery”, something mystic and unknown. That’s why Feng Shui is still a mystery for some people. Nowadays all processes are accelerated, we get more information, education is growing in strength and, consequently, the East becomes closer to us and some of its secrets are slightly opened up to westerners, partly owing to an aspiration to practice Feng Shui.

Mimi Moorhause and Natalya ZhuravelHave you ever been to Ukraine and what do you know about this country?

Last year we were in Kiev together with my husband. We liked it very much. It is a very beautiful city and I became a fan of Ukrainian cuisine!

What would you like to tell your disciples in Ukraine in respect of “Selection of dates”?

It is important to study this issue. For example, you decided to apply a certain Feng Shui formula, to start a business or appoint a day for a significant event. For this purpose I would recommend you to select the date which is auspicious for you. You may ask what will happen if you ignore selection of data and appoint a day at your own choice. For sure, it may be the case, and many rather lucky people are able intuitively to select the right day for their business, or their personal luckiness enhance the luckiness of ordinary day. However no one is capable to be lucky during 100% time of his/her life. Ignoring selection of auspicious dates people do not use full potential of their good luck.

Feng Shui has a concept of the trinity which shares responsibility for everything that happens – it is Heaven, Earth and Human. There is also another trinity –Time, Human and Selection of Dates. Selection of dates is very important and many of the Chinese do it. In China there is a book Tan Shu – a classical book related to selection of dates. Even my grandmother often opened this book and read it saying “Oh, today is a good day!” Although this book is rather relativistic because the Chinese traditionally look for auspicious day for any of their actions. And according to the aforesaid book any recommendation will be generalized. Therefore I teach methods of selecting the auspicious dates – as possessing such knowledge you’ll be able to find a proper time and proper place for yours activities.

Chinese gardenIf a human’s BaZi has a missing element, e.g. Wood. What would you recommend in this case?

It depends on the purposes and intentions of such people and what they want to do. Consequently knowledge should be used proceeding from this goal. Some of them should wear clothes of a certain color, another one should deal with a certain type of activities related to this missing element or they arrange things in the house in some special way, or just move to the appropriate direction. Feng Shui has formulas and methods that can help to increase a desired energy. For this person you can find a sector where he could get a lot of Qi for Wood element. You may recommend him/her to sleep in the direction of this sector because the top of our head has a lot of nerve endings and centers which can receive the required Qi. I would like to develop this issue and include it into my BaZi training program and it is very important.

Can you give the brightest example from practice of selecting the date or any positive changes on the life of people after they got Feng Shui consultations?

Feng Shui Selection of datesQuite recently Nina Smolina told about it. She participated in of my modules of Xuan Kong Da Gua and took the professional intensive course. Nina said that on January 23 she applied the formula of Selection of Dates and activated travelling horse. On February 2 she has already arrived to Cyprus with a consultation.

Another apprentice from Ufa told that her husband had problems and she activated Nobleman Sector that helped her husband a great deal. I also had similar cases in my life. One of such cases is when I was in an accident and had a complex conflict with another driver. This method helped me to solve the problem.

It should also be clarified that Feng Shui and Selection of data is a certain force but not a magic! Let’s recall three basic forces of Feng Shui (Heaven, Earth and Human) – which equally influence the outcome of any situation. Thus one third of the influence depends on the human – his/her actions in a certain situations. It’s impossible to be 100% sure that something will happen and we want it to be. No matter how many efforts do we make – we are not wizards. Studying Feng Shui and method of Selection of Dates we learn what should be done in order to activate favorable opportunities. However we should not wait for a miracle – perform the required actions which depend on you and make efforts! It’s a worldwide delusion when people think that after the moment when they arranged a good Feng Shui it’s no more need to take any other efforts.

«During our life we are influenced by various factors: food, climate, living conditions, mountains and rivers (Feng Shui), etc. At the same time in our life we meet with other paths of life – the fortunes of other people. Presence of all these external factors and other people in our life has permanent reciprocal impact. Our Earth luck is built up of these “bricks”».

Moscow, 2011


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