Yap Cheng Hai – Feng Shui Grand Master

“Discipline, kind heart and strong mind are keys
to perfection”

Yap Cheng Hai

Yap Cheng Hai – Feng Shui Grand Master

Owing to its energetic and active nature, inherent oriental wisdom and striving for harmony Yap Cheng Hai became a good friend, mentor, assistant and adviser of hundreds of thousands of people. His personality is multi-faceted and he managed to polish every talent to perfection. He generously shares results of his efforts with others. He is a teacher with a capital “T” whose apprentices became Feng Shui consultants throughout the world. He is also a successful leader and Chief of a few businesses, Master of oriental energetic and health-improving techniques as well as public figure who helps those who are in poverty.

As for many people, who were lucky to meet the Master, this meeting has changed their lives. Sharing their impressions people tell about the force of his energy, kindness, sense of humor, vivacity and sociability.
Being talented and multi-skilled Yap Cheng Hai could succeed in many professions. Having commenced Feng Shui practice in his youth he continues to follow this path successful for more than 60 years.

Yap Cheng Hai and Natalya Zhuravel

Yap Cheng Hai rapidly became famous in the East. The West world has learned about him in a certain degree owing to bestsellers of Lillian Too who wrote some of her Feng Shui books after serving an apprenticeship with Master. All these years people from different parts of the globe, including high-ranking political figures, members of royal families, the world’s leading brands and companies, show-business stars and spiritual leaders trust Yap Cheng Hai as one of the five greatest Masters of Feng Shui in the modern world.

Yap Cheng Hai travelled over the world quite a lot for the period of his Feng Shui practice, teaching the others and harmonizing their lives. Grand Master is not just consultant, for many people he became a mentor, guru and spiritually close person. He is described as a very energetic person. By the way Master is more than 70 years old and he still holds about 50 seminars per year in more than 14 countries of the world!

Yap Cheng Hai is famous for his practical skills to apply the knowledge gained for decades of learning practices of the Ancient China, namely Bachzhai (school of 8 Mansions), SunYuan (school of wandering stars Suankun), Yin Mansion or Mansion of Feng Shui burial sites, Sanhe (Three Combinations) and Water Dragon (Water Formulas to increase wealth).

There are quite a lot of legends about Yap Cheng Hai, although there is also a plenty of real-life examples from his practice illustrating how his craftsmanship can radically change even the most difficult situations. It’s clear why some of the successful corporations resort to his services for many years.

In addition to basic Feng Shui knowledge Yap Cheng Hai also studied Chinese medicine and he mastered traditional martial and health-improving arts –Gunfu, Tsigun, he is also well aware of metaphysics, chiromancy and philosophy. Master has established his own form of Tsigun – Yan Shu. It’s a special complex of exercises of marital art which are intended to improve health and increase level of energy.

Many people, starting hi path of environment harmonization, are interested in non-public life of Grand Master. They as a question – does he manage to improve his own life? In this issue Master is also represented as an example to follow – he is married for about 60 years; he has four children and eight grandchildren.

When Master is being asked a popular question – how to achieve perfection he usually answers that in this process the most important is discipline, kind heart and strong mind. It’s not just empty words as every day of his life – is a proof of these works and his unquestionable proximity to perfection!