Feng Shui teaching. Academy of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai (Malaysia)

Learning principles in the East

In the East knowledge has been traditionally handed over from Teacher to his apprentice, and also stored as manuscript books. Not everyone deserved to become an apprentice – first he had to demonstrate his merits and aspirations and only thereafter genuine knowledge was unveiled to him.

Those who have served apprenticeship by Grand Masters assert that apart from knowledge and information Master also shares his energy. It’s hard to be put in words however it’s no surprise that eastern tradition survived through the ages in spite of progress – Master’s word is much more valued than any the most expensive book.

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Yap Cheng Hai exactly corresponds to such kind of Masters that people try to reach out for irrespectively from high distance and other difficulties. In Feng shui teaching he remained loyal to oriental tradition and augmented it having established the Academy of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. This educational institution successfully applies all recent progress achievements and, the most important remains unchanged – they teach traditional classical Feng Shui.

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Academy of Grand Master

Academy of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai has earned the status of prestigious educational institution not only in Malaysia but also in the whole world. It is a center of ancient knowledge and advanced experience in the field of traditional Chinese culture and arts that many people from all countries come to adopt.


The academy became an original source of knowledge of the Chinese culture and arts – not just owing to theoretical and practical courses but also because of plenty of rare books which become good assistants in addition to lectures and practical trainings. Being a student of the academy you will have an opportunity to learn marital arts, Chinese medicine, metaphysics, i-tsyn, philosophy and Feng Shui.

The significant feature of the Academy is the way to share classical knowledge. You know that it’s impossible to learn Feng Shui, as well as marital arts, just reading books or participating in unsystematic courses. These arts require presence of Master who will show the right way.

Bo Chu – instructor of the Academy and younger son of Master

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Yap Cheng Hai devotes a lot of attention to his Academy teaching students and solving strategic objectives. Bo Chu, younger son of Master, has established the academy together with his father. Earlier he has graduated from the Swinburne University, Australia, specializing in information technologies and bookkeeping. Some tome he had been working in IT- industry although like his father he had a calling for Feng Shui. Bo Chu learned Feng Shui from his father and participated with him in many major projects, in particular, in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Together they have established the academy and continue to develop it.

While Yap Cheng Hai plays the role of Senior Teacher and Master of the Academy, Bo Chu is called his right hand. He is working on development of curricula and teacher training programs for courses created by the Grand Master. Bo Chu also teaches senior students who are qualified for the Advanced level of Feng Shui or undertake internship in the Academy.


Mission and achievements

Yap Cheng Hai together with his son set a global goal to establish educational institution where they could introduce a single standard for accreditation of specialists in various Feng Shui schools and they succeed.

After graduation of the Academy students pass multi-stage exams to become certified practitioners of Feng Shui.

Stage by stage students undergo certification for various levels of Feng Shui knowledge:
Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Practical level. The last level becomes a completing stage of examination of the graduating students when every student has to perform practical tasks in real-world conditions of consultants. It may be development of Feng Shui project, search for errors in the developed project or tracking the history of development of this or that business, unknown before. When it’s time to accomplish tasks for accreditation the real-life situations are simulated for students and no assistance is provided. Such verification is the best way to demonstrate the student’s readiness to become consultant and work in any conditions – whether it is a small room on the territory where you know every landscape’s detail, or a shopping mall in absolutely unfamiliar surroundings.

The Academy is famous throughout the world for its graduates – professional Feng Shui consultants. Apart from the main subject related to Feng Shi art students also study Yang Shu Gun, a unique form of Tsygun established by the Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai for his apprentices.

In the whole world it’s prestigious to graduate the Academy of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. However it’s much more honorable and responsible to be an apprentice of the Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai – one of the greatest Feng Shui Masters of modern times!

Graduating course of 2010 - Academy of Grand Master Yap Cheng HaiGraduating course of 2010 of the Academy of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai (Malaysia)

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