Useful Feng Shui tips for your kitchen

Author: Наталья Журавель

Kitchen plays very important role in Feng Shui as it is related to health and prosperity of all family members. Kitchen helps to nourish and support live, it has an impact on your vital force, health and ability to work productively and earn money. Kitchen is called as the “heart of the home” and not without reason as in ancient cultures family hearth was a sacred place providing the vital force of the Earth’s generosity. In Feng Shui kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house because here we get the energy that nourishes us physically (food), financially (money) and emotionally (family). Feng Shui of the kitchen has a certain rules and bans.


Place of kitchen in the house

The east, south-east, south and south-east of your house are the best places for a kitchen.

When designing the house it’s desirable to avoid location of the kitchen above the bedroom as it has negative impact on a sleeping people.

Door to the kitchen should not be situated in a straight line with back or front door of the house. Such location enforces Qi to flow outside from kitchen all the way through the house. If your doors are in a straight line it’s necessary to keep the door closed or use house plants to block Qi flows.

Door to the kitchen should not collide with the door to the toilet. It is preferable that the kitchen should be situated as far from the toilet and bathroom facilities, as possible. Toilet door should always be closed.

2Kitchen should not be situated in the west, north or north-west of your house. It is extremely disadvantageous. Kitchen located in the north-west is a bad Feng Shui and the master of the house is the first who suffers from such location.

Your kitchen should be flooded with light! Kitchen should have bright lighting.

There should be no obstructions in your kitchen! It should have good ventilation and cleanness. It’s impossible to cook healthy food in a dirty and congested kitchen.


It is necessary to avoid placing a stove in the center of the house. From the Feng Shui’s point of view it is believed that the centered position of stove “burns the heart of the house” and can provoke diseases of digestive system.

Shove should not be seen from the entrance door to the house, as it can absorb the energies entering the house at the threshold. In this case the elementary correction is made by means of protection wall, cupboard, screen or curtain on the door to shield the stove.


In apartments where the stove is located strictly in the West, as a rule, someone of family members suffers from recurrent colds and allergy. Most often it’s a girl under 15 years old. For this kind of kitchen it’s better to use color palette including yellow, sandy, brown and beige tones.

Favorable location of the stove is the East, South-East, South, and South-West.

If the stove is located under the window it has the adverse effect, because the energy is not able to stay long in the house and Qi of good luck can quickly leave the house. Too big windows in the kitchen can also cause leakage of energy.

It is not recommended to place the stove in the corner. It is considered to be something like a “trap” for Qi. That means that your incomes are suppressed and you lose a chance to prosper.

The cases when microwave oven is built in over the oven are also taboo in Feng Shui. Such location impedes the flow of Qi above the stove. I would not recommend you to use microwave oven. It is one of the most harmful electromagnetic radiations for human. Moreover after being cooked or heated in microwave oven the food lose all essential nutrients and becomes “empty of energy”.

The stove should not be near the sink or dishwashing machine, as it creates a conflict between the elements of Fire and Water. It can lead to conflicts in the family. These two elements should be separated in the kitchen.

Golden triangle: stove, fridge and sink! They are three most important objects that should be situated in the right positions and separated one from another according to their elements.

It’s not desirable in the house to have a stove which is not used. That means unused resources or ignored opportunities. In such cases you should at least boil water on the stove for a cup of tea.

Kitchen Design

4Most of the kitchen contains a lot of Fire elements. Therefore it is desirable to avoid too much red color in the kitchen. Fire is a powerful element and in can cause irascibility, quarrels when you are cooking, and in case of certain Flying Stars it can even lead to inflammation. It is especially topical when your kitchen is situated in the south sector of your house.

It’s not good when black or blue colors are dominant in your kitchen. These colors are associated with Water element and Water is destroys the Fire. Therefore conflict of elements can take place here. However black, blue and red colors may be used as additional background colors!

Stove has to be situated in such a way that the hostess could see everyone who enters the kitchen. If it’s impossible then use mirror to see the motion behind.

It is auspicious when the kitchen has no sharp edges and overhand beams. I also have to mention that the knives, forks and other bladed articles shall never be in a visible place. Knives and forks should be kept in drawers, in order that their blades will be out of your view.

Kitchen utensils and furniture layout

5All devices in the kitchen should be in serviceable condition. The oven which is our of operation can be indicative of the problems with finances;

In the kitchen you should avoid the items which have adverse impact on human body, including chemical detergents, artificial food materials. All these things are inauspicious for human health and wellbeing;

6Kitchen should always have sweet smells that may be achieved by means of fresh flowers, citruses and herbs. At the same time you should keep out of using artificial air fresheners and aerosols.

Kitchen faucets should not leak. Leaking faucet means leaking health and wellbeing.

Be cautions with water objects in the kitchen, those like aquariums, fountains as far as moving water can intensify energy in space irrespectively from the fact whether such energy is positive or negative. In general it should me mentioned that water objects should be treated with extreme caution in the house. If you place water object in unfavorable place it is able to lead to bankruptcy.

From the Feng Shui’s perspective the ideal table should have round or oval form. However square or rectangular tables decorated by beautiful tablecloths are also acceptable.

Talking about house plants geranium is considered as indicator plant which protects family hearth. Geranium has powerful positive energy and the right place for it is in the kitchen!

A vase full of fruits (oranges, grapes, peaches, etc.) – is always an excellent Feng Shui! 🙂

Studio apartment

7It’s inauspicious when the window is right opposite to the door. In this case the energy, which entered the apartment through the door, leaves the house in transit through the window. Stove should not be seen from the door as it is indicative of problems with money in the house.

In the south-east Asia Feng Shui Master would not even deal with consulting such apartments because one-room apartment is initially considered inauspicious. However in my personal opinion if we improve Feng Shui by 50% or even by 30% it will have positive impact on the quality of the dwellers’ life and will provide new opportunities and a chance to move to a new larger apartment 🙂

Have a good Feng Shui!

Natalya Zhuravel