TOP 9 steps to enhance positive energies of 2014 – the wooden horse year

Author: Наталья Журавель

Every year we think about the events of the previous year and tremblingly anticipate what is going to happen the next year. Is there any way to enhance positive energies in 2014? How to use the energy of 2014 to improve your life?

1-1 2014 is a year of green wooden horse which implies Wood and Fire. However the strongest element of 2014 is Fire. If Fire element is favourable to you than 2014 is supposed to be one of the best years in your life and you’ll face a great piece of luck. Fire is able to bring you glory and popularity. Therefore those who are supposed to benefit from the fire will have an opportunity to bring their talent to light and successfully to promote their business. From the astrological point of view Horse bears the Romance Star in itself. For those who are born in the year or day of Snake, Rooster or Ox 2014 may bring new opportunities to enter into a new partnership or find new love.

Feng Shui uses solar calendar. Therefore according to the solar calendar new energies will be received on February 3, 2014. Placing one or another object in a certain way we ourselves are able to attract positive Qi to our home. In this article I give you general recommendations in the form of simple steps that will help you to maintain positive energies in your house.

Step No.1. Make your main entrance attractive.

1-1а 1-1б


Entrance door is a “mouth of Qi” through which the energy flows into your house. Welcoming and attractiveness of entrance door is capable to boost the influx of positive energy, money and new opportunities in your life. Refresh your entrance door, lay a new doormat, and add some new details. Moreover, in order to enhance prosperity and fill your house with positive Qi you should clear your house in a literal sense. Ideal order in your house can produce a fresh Qi.

Step No. 2. Use the energy of prosperity in the south-west.

2-1 2-1а

South-west is one of the most favorable sectors for wealth, family well-being and prosperity in 2014. The White Star 1, which is a lucky star till 2023, is located in this sector. It represents intelligence, triumph and success. It is also associated with career, new knowledge, scientific work and wisdom. If a house has a positive Feng Shui it can become a special place for all family members. South-west sector can also be used in the office, shop or any other business. In the premises with a positive Feng Shui south-west sector can have a positive impact on the whole business (except for the cases when the toilet and bathroom facilities or utility room is located in this sector). In some cases south-west can be helpful in achieving success through hardships. Friends and close relatives could offer you help when it’s necessary. This energy will allow you to become a winner among your competitors and overcome any obstacles for the period of the whole year. Therefore everyone whose entrance door is located in the south-west sector has an opportunity to be lucky in 2014.

Step No.3. Create a favorable stream of money and stay at piece with the Grand Duke in the south.

3-1 3-1а



Tai Sui is a very important aspect in Chinese astrology. It is known as the Grand Duke Jupiter as far as it is directly related to rotation of Jupiter. Possessing an immense authority and power it is the Devine that no one dares to offend fearing to attract misfortune. It is not allowed to disturb the Grand Duke: make repairs, to dig in this place, etc. It is also forbidden to move to a new house which has Tai Sui at its entrance.

Pi Yao in the South

3-1bPi Yao is a Chinese mythical creature who is deemed to be a very powerful protector. It resembles a winged lion. Pi Yao is considered an influential Divine “sitting on wealth”. It is said to have extremely good appetite for gold and silver. Traditionally to the Chinese Pi Yao has always been regarded as an auspicious creature that possessed mystical power capable of preserving wealth.

Pi Yao has a single horn on its head, a pair of wings and a big round stomach – a symbol of an unlimited storage of wealth in gold and silver, and it has no anus. It has been considered that Pi Yao appealed to Tai Sui thus reduces or eliminates the negative influence in case Tai Sui is not disturbed :).

Step No.4. Apply «Metal Treatment» to the East.

4-1 4-2 4-3 4-4

In 2014 “sickness star” is situated in the east. It can cause diseases particularly related to stomach, reproductive and digestive systems. Therefore you should always take care of your health trying not to fall victim of stress or pressurized lifestyle.

If you were born in the year of Rabbit, Tiger or Dragon this year the eastern bedroom is not for you. Here it’s advisable to apply “metal treatment” using metallic objects and décor of gray, white, golden or silver colors.

In 2014 combination of stars in the east can cause troubles to those who deal with politics and power. It can bring troubles of legal nature, lawsuits, gossips and slender which might be associated with a woman. Politicians, whose entrance door is located in the east, should be particularly careful. Pregnant women are advised to avoid this sector as well.

«Metal treatment»:

  • Metal gourd or “magic gourd”;
  • Use décor of white, gray and silver color;

“Magic gourd”

4-5“Magic gourd”, commonly known as the gourd, is an ancient health protection remedy. Metal gourd is traditionally used for protection from “sickness star”. Although since ancient times it’s the dried out gourd that is used by the Chinese as a container for long-term storage of drugs or wine.

Within the Flying stars system the “sickness star” bears the earth energy. Gourd symbolizes “metal from heavens” and therefore it is able to weaken this energy and protect you and your family. It might be tied to the bed foot or places in the disease sector of the year. As for people who already suffer from diseases it cannot cure disease itself but is capable partially to alleviate sufferings from the disease.

It is considered favorable when gourd is made from natural material – wood. It is better when gourd has no red ribbon or red color. In this case golden color is the most appropriate decor. Gourd should be hollow inside or have a hole for absorption of disease energy.

Step No.5. Harmonize the space in the south-east.

5-1 5-1а Eccentric illuminated wreath

In 2014 south-east energy is associated with gossips, rumors and betrayal. This can give rise to misunderstandings, quarrels, disputes, conflicts, legal problems and sometimes even loss of wealth. In some instances it can cause health problems related to liver or limbs. Nevertheless this star is also associated with motion and fast decision-making that sometimes can be very auspicious for business and commercial activities. If correctly used in strategic conquering the market we can anticipate rapid influx of wealth.

In combination with hard work and favorable birth chard the energies of south-east sector are able to bring good luck and wealth accumulation by the way of savings and investments. This is the only way to see essential positive effect of this star.


  • Bright shine and lights;
  • Décor of red color (candles, pillows, curtains, etc.)

Step No. 6. Be careful in the north-west.

“5 Yellow Star” is the most inauspicious and disastrous. It is related to the earth element and brings all kinds of misfortune and bad luck. This star can cause substantial financial loses, accidents and serious health problems. Plus the combination of stars in the north-west is itself extremely unfavorable.


  • Do not disturb this sector;
  • Avoid the elements of Fire, Wood or Earth in the north-west;
  • Don’t place Water and anything related to Water;
  • The doors in this sector should be opened and closed very gently in order to reduce inauspicious vibration of the door, walls and floor;
  • Don’t allow children to play in this sector;
  • Pagoda of 5 elements;

Pagoda of 5 elements

5-1c1Pagoda – is a symbol of five elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Pagoda is considered to be the most powerful harmonizer of space and it possesses traditional mechanism of protection against the 5 Yellow Star of the year bearing the earth element. Pagoda itself is made of brass and in the lower part it has a hidden threaded opening which is unscrewed and the lower part of Pagoda is filled with a small amount of earth.

Step No.7. «Take advantage of the north-east».

7-1 7-1а 7-1б

Safety and security are always of high importance. You should enhance the security in case if, for instance, your entrance door is situated in the north-east. In 2014 north-east energies can bring financial loses, burglary, robbery, plunder, fire hazards and injuries it may incur betrayal of the closest relatives. No.7 is associated with mouth cavity, surgical interference and venereal diseases.

Step No.8. Enjoy the glory and prosperity in the north and what should not be done in the 3 Sha sector.

Sui Po of the year

Sui Po of the year is always in a position directly opposite to the Grand Duke and collides with the Grand Duke. You should regard this direction with the same esteem as the Grand Duke. Here you should not make any repairs and should avoid move to a new house with north entrance. As a rule, Sui Po does not cause any problems until it is until it is disturbed by repairs, construction, digging the earth in this place, reconstruction or noisy events.

Three Sha

Meeting with Three Sha requires to be treated with extreme caution. When 3 Sha is activated in improper conditions it can result in significant disaster. Here you should avoid repair works, relocations and any other “movements”. You should also follow the same rules in the premises with 3 Sha located at the entrance. It is not recommended to sit with your back to 3 Sha. You should not also annoy this place with loud noise of stereo system. It’s not advisable to place here TV, fan, air-conditioner, computer, printer, etc. Move all this to another place or just don’t utilize it.

North is associated with Water element related to ears, kidneys and blood-vascular system. Water extinguishes Fire and that means that these organs of human body can be exposed to diseases. Therefore people who sleep in this sector need to monitor their health and place here all necessary correction tool connected with Water misbalance.

Despite the existence of three Sha and Sui Po all is not so bad in the north 🙂 Auspicious star 9 jointly with combination of 9-1 will lend a great deal of color to the north sector!

8-1 Advent calendar

«Glory and Prosperity Star # 9» gradually begins to impact in the 8 period. It is associated with Fire element, red color, violet color and all its shades. It brings wealth, good luck, glory, recognition and prosperity. It often can be connected with such joyful occasions as wedding, career advancement, victory at the competitions, etc.

If your bedroom is located in the north and you are planning to become parents then the combination 1-9 will help you to implement these plans in 2014.

In 2014 He Tu combination will also bring you success in business. If your study room or office is situated in the north sector of the building your then Lady Luck can visit your business in 2014.

Step No.9. Take advantage of the “Heavenly Star” in the west to achieve success in business and politics.

9-1 Festive table setting 9-в

This year the auspicious “Heavenly Star” in the west is supported by the “Wealth Stare” that can draw unexpected luck and abundant wealth. You can be able to get a big fortune especially at the moment when you less expect it. In this case it’s better to use every opportunity.

“Heavenly Star” is connected with cosmic energies. Its nature is Yang and it is related to a father or head of a family. It is associated with metal element. In 2014 this star is situated in the “metal palace” and therefore it is especially powerful. It brings happiness and luck from heaven as well as power and authority. Usually it is deemed to be a star of authority, career advancement, activity and unexpected luck. It’s an excellent star for those who have an interest in spiritual qualities. Here you can also reckon on a serious breakthrough in your career! You can place a worktable or a pendant of six crystal balls in this sector.

However combination 6-7 bears negative Qi. From the health perspective this combination can cause potential complications related to lungs, respiratory system and teeth. It is recommended to use Water element to resist such complications (or reduce their negative impact).

Christmas decorations Mantelpiece lighting 9-2б

Yearly forecasting for the Flying Stars plays a very important role in Feng Shui. It is clear that the article intended for a wide audience can provide you only with general recommendations. It’s just a professional Feng Shui consultant who, by means of complex Feng Shui audit, can afford to take 100% advantages of a particular building and its dwellers as well as to secure them against the outside negative influence. With the help of auspicious Feng Shui one can build a gorgeous house, establish a prosperous business, achieve happiness in family relationship, and live in harmony with himself and the whole world 🙂

Wishing you a pure energy of prosperity, wellbeing a
nd family comfort in the New Year 2014,

Natalya Zhuravel

In order to get more detailed individual analysis of 2014, please, submit an application for the yearly Feng Shui audit.

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