Sacred mystery of Khortitsa island

Author: Наталья Журавель





There are many legends of the sacred energetics of Khortitsa Island. The island has a rich life-story of our ancestors – completely different peoples and epochs. It’s not always that Khortitsa was an island. In ancient times this land was a part of the continent. We trace the roots of Zaporizhian Cossacks far beyond the origination of Zaporizhian Sich and Kievan Rus. They originate from the ancient settlements.


Energy penetrates all objects and phenomena in our world. Absolutely all animate and inanimate objects around us possess their own energy potential. Sky is a reflection of all the earthly objects. Having studied the laws of star motion, laws of the Universe and laws of energy flow we can forecast the live and environment of humans. This knowledge was spread throughout the world. Our ancestors mastered this technique and applied it not just to their houses and environment but also to architecture and event to settlements and cities.

2-12-5777Stone sanctuaries, located on the Khortitsa Island, had spiritual as well as astronomic purpose. They are connected with calendar cycle, seasonality and the Sun. For instance, one of the sanctuaries is situated on the North Slope of the island and its axis is oriented to the direction of sunrise at the day of its summer solstice.

Our predecessors knew that the Sun, Moon and stars influence human life. It enabled them to calculate favorable time for these or that matters.



Studying information about the island I found out that in 2009 entirely by accident scientists discovered Ancient temple on the Khortitsa Island. This temple was built more than 4,000 years ago. However the riddles of our ancestors have not been solved yet!

3-11-5759What can be said about the tumuli located in the south part of Khortitsa? Our ancestors suggested that burial place should be safe and therefore they built the hills in the form of tumuli. Wise Slavic people used “central point of the sky” – Ursa Major constellation with the Polar star to find the best location of the tombs. They also took into consideration the external environment: for tumuli they chose places with a beautiful view far away.

They believed that in such a way ancestors would be able to support further generations of successors. First of all, Slavic people ensured safety of burial places. They deemed the structures in the form of tumuli to be safe and to have a connection with space.

Later (a.d. 276-324) all this knowledge were set forth by the ancient Chinese in the as a “Book of burial” that is still used in Feng Shui. For example, with the help of “Yin Feng Shui” system based on the ancestors’ tomb we are able to determine wellbeing of their descendants: who of the descendants will suffer and what will be the nature of such suffering (problems with health, child birth, finances, etc.), and vice versa – who of descendants will prosper. It is considered that in case of favorable location of tombs our ancestors are able to protect us and bring benefit to seven generations in succession.



4-13-5780Zaporizhian Sich, the capital of the Cossacks, has always been one of the most brilliant pages in the history Khortitsa Island. To be exact from historical point of view the first Zaporizhian Sich was built on the Malaya Khortitsa Island (today it is Baida Island).

Later they built Sich downstream the Dnepr River. Despite of the fact that the Cossacks were profoundly religious orthodox people they possessed secret knowledge (that has been transmitted from generation to generation) of pagans who used the energy of the Earth, Water, Fire and the Sun for their own benefit.

Thus only a few people are aware of the fact that Zaporizhian Sich was built according to the principles of Bagua (fundamental principle of Feng Shui and the whole Chinese metaphysics- author’s note). Bagua consists of 8 trigrams (three lines positioned one above the other – – author’s note) and reflects general arrangement of the Universe.

5-фото Багуа для сравнения6-2

I.e. all our environment correlates with Bagua: day and night, all parts of human body, seasons of the year, etc. Everything in our world is interconnected. Sich has been built in compliance with Bagua principles. Protective trigrams endowed them extreme power.

I hope that my exploration of Khortitsa Island once again reiterates the necessity to know and revere our history and culture. As a spirit of nation consist in ancestral worship and preservation of the people’s culture. Remembering our origins and traditions we revitalize power of the Earth for the benefit of our children, grandchildren and the next generations.

Natalya Zhuravel