How to lose your weight efficiently and feel comfort using Feng Shui principles

Author: Наталья Журавель

Weight correction problem often concerns most of us. In particular it concerns the women who all the time restrict themselves to different diets, devote all energies to sports clubs, and spend the last money on new “super-efficient techniques”. However not many of them have any positive result.
Do you have any idea why that happens? It seems that everybody knows basic laws of alleged successful weight loss: it’s our intent and desire to lose weight as well as normalization of nutrition and physical activities. Although you go hungry and strain every sinew in training as a role you have “jo-jo-effect” and just a few of us have enough patience to achieve desirable goal. Particularly taking into consideration how many temptations we have around.

So, what are we lacking to be healthier and more harmonious?

Looking at the structure of harmonious weight loss from the perspective of ancient Feng Shui we’ll have, as follows:

  1. Desire and decision to normalize your weigh.
  2. Changes in the environment (house, apartment).
  3. Healthy way of life.
  4. Proper diet to start with.

Feng Shui for reduction in weight is applied to improve your health and therefore to say goodbye to the excess weight. Still the world “health” means not just physical but also psycho-emotional state. The less we are nervous the better we feel ourselves. Feng Shui, an art and science of objects’ and flowers’ arrangement around us, helps us in all these cases to attract positive energy, which is also related to food, to the atmosphere where we live. Everything is interrelated.
Now one by one. In what way Feng Shui could help us to lose excessive weight?



Everyone knows that the Universe has opposite energies which, when harmoniously combines, create harmony in all aspects. Yin – is a cold and passive energy. Yang is a warm and active energy. Balance between Yin and Yang at the right time and in the right place ensures positive result. When your kitchen is out of balance e.g. human can have metabolic disorders. If the kitchen has excessive Yang energy it causes activation of appetite and, consequently, to overweight. And vice versa, if the apartment has a lot of Yin energy (besides the kitchen) then its dwellers have less activity. In simple words if you need to lose weight the kitchen should have more Yin energy and all the rest of apartment should have more Yang energy. Thus metabolism in accelerated in the human body.

Therefore the first stem in harmonization of the environment is cleaning. Sort out the mess in the kitchen, to launch circulation of favorable energy.


Color palette
Room decoration
  • Avoid red, orange and yellow colors in the kitchen – these colors belong to Yang energy that means that they are active and awake hunger. These colors are the most popular in the restaurants and are used for the purpose that visitor ordered and eat more meals. As for the house it’s better to avoid using red tablecloth, napkins, curtains, etc. If you like red and orange colors use them in fitness room. These colors are capable to activate appetite as well as the energy which intensifies training. By the way green plants also activate energy.
  • Use Yin energy in the kitchen to control your appetite. Dark blue, black, gray are Yin colors and in the kitchen they will help you to reduce the level of active energy and, accordingly, will stop activating appetite. Dark blue and black colors represent Water element that facilitates “gentle” intake of food and better digestion. Try to choose cold colors and floral ornaments for your kitchen’s décor and dishes. Application of black and dark blue colors will help to regulate appetite and slow down the meal time.



Additional advices for the kitchen:

  • Dinner-table and stove should not be seen from the main entrance to the house or apartment.
  • Stove should not be situated on the straight line from the entrance door.
  • You should regularly ventilate the rooms.
  • Clear the fridge from the frozen and processed products as they have a stagnant energy. Replace them by fresh unprocessed products which have auspicious vital energy. You should always have fresh fruits.


The next place that you should pay attention to is a bedroom. Clean room activates the flow of positive energy in the house and facilitates good circulation of energy. Don’t store your belongings under the bedroom. There should be free space. You should also evade working in the bed.


Selection of the right date

Selection of the right date to start from – is a very important point within our system of weight loosing and health improvement. Auspicious date harmonizes energies and you will not need to enforce yourself and use tremendous efforts to get rid of excess weight. Environment will “work” for you to attain the desired goal. It will happen with maximum comfort and the changes you achieve will stay with you for a long time..

Favorable dates in 2015:

Date It is not favorable for those who are born in the year of:
February 8 Rooster
February 20 Rooster
February 22 Pig
March 4 Rooster
March 16 Rooster
March 17 Dog
April 6 Ox
April 11 Pig
May 18 Rat
July 14 Rooster
August 8 Dog
August 20 Dog
October 8 Pig
December 26 Horse

During personal consultation with Feng Shui expert you will also have an opportunity to calculate the most appropriate time for your start.



In addition to all the aforesaid of course, you should select the right nutrition system after consulting with your doctor/nutritionist. Probably you should pay attention to some problems with health before you start dieting. And, of course, the healthy way of life is in not possible without proper physical exercises.
it is worthwhile to note that it’s not a must to believe in Feng Shui as it will work anyway. With the help of Feng Shui we are able to use auspicious energy, that we usually lack, for successful implementation of our plans within the shorter time..
Sometimes in our life there are such situations when all our arrangements run smoothly – ideally and with minimum energy input. Thus, owing to Feng Shui, we eliminate obstacles on our way or learn the way to bypass them. And the feeling that everything is going the right way becomes our reality and not a miracle.
I’m sure you’ll cope with it!

Natalya Zhuravel