How can child’s Bazi chart assist parents?

Author: Наталья Журавель

1Over the last years Chinese metaphysics like Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny (or BaZi) has become very popular worldwide. According to this ancient teaching a year, month and day of your birth create the destiny of your life.

Can we change our destiny?



Since ancient times wise men studied and observed the behavior of people born under different stars. Based on statistics they developed methods and formulas to represent a person’s destiny.

Chart or plan is a constant which may not be changed. It is something that we were born with. Nevertheless, if we comprehend our plan and take respective measures, than we will do the right things at the right time. In this case to a greater extent we are capable to overcome obstacles when we have hard times and to understand better the opportunities provided by auspicious times. In fact we cannot change the chart however we are able to become the masters of our destiny and take the right decisions at the right time.

In modern world every parent is responsible for upbringing and determining the future of his/her children. Every loving parent whishes his/her children to live a wonderful and happy life, therefore many parents try to understand their child better.





Creating a harmonious family it is very important to understand behavior of your child and improve your relationship. If you wish to have happy relations with your child it makes sense to study his/her personality more deeply and as a result to assess his/her needs, capabilities and weaknesses.

From the early childhood you should prepare babies for their future life to achieve success. It is necessary to educate the child and direct the efforts to train the child to be ready for future undertakings since early childhood.

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Have you ever heard the story: “Mencius’s mother moved house three times”? Mencius was a famous philosopher in ancient China. This story is a legend narrating about Mencius’s mother who moved the house three times before finding a location that she felt was suitable for the child’s upbringing. This legend refers to the importance of finding the proper environment for raising children as the environment influences child’s destiny and contributes to child’s success!


By analyzing BaZi one can see capabilities and talents of a child. Time is one of the most important factors in creating the opportunities for success of your children. Every 10-year period of life may become success or failure, or neutral time. Therefore it is better to know the most appropriate time for your child to achieve certain results.





Education in translation from Latin means “To extract the innate abilities”. Parents are responsible to reveal the child’s individual abilities.

Almost all parents spend a lot of time, efforts and money to develop their children. For sure they have high expectations that their children should have a great future in education and career. Education is regarded as one of the most important factors in determining the future of the child. The whole pleasure is in the fact that child’s temperament that can be seen in BaZi chart is able to show itself at the age of one year. At an early age it is possible to reveal human talents and academic aptitudes. For example, a child can have no relish for academic studies and at the same time be very creative and communicative that could help him/her in business. All these children’s abilities can make them successful in future.





It’s not easy to explain parents that their child is not the same as they are and it’s not necessary to implement their lost dreams, ambitions and opportunities in child’s life. At least you should listen to your child.

Once in my practice there was a case when in one of Feng Shui projects the 7-year old girl’s BaZi chart was a classical chart of a movie star that means a person who is able to achieve great triumphs in the arts. Having heard this, her parents said that at least it was not serious. Even if she wished to perform on the stage, firstly, she would not succeed as she was naughty all the time and, secondly, let her better go into business to earn money”. Approximately in half a year I had a phone call. The girl was sent to theatre studio for children and in a very short period of time she had first successes that the parents were delighted to share. Therefore parents are the most influential factor in child’s development and attainment of further successes. To orient a child in the right direction at the right time is the greatest value of parental guidance!

What can we see proceeding from analysis of BaZi chart? We’ll be able, as follows:

  • To understand your child’s relationships in social environment as well as relations with brothers and sisters;
  • To find out how it is better to motivate a child;
  • To identify weaknesses and character of a child as well as to determine models of his/her behavior in stress situations;
  • To determine who of the parents should pay more attention to a child that means the parent who is able to transmit unperceivable signs to a child that will help in the future;
  • To find out the sphere of enhanced training for a child as well as additional academic programs to develop child’s skills;
  • To select programs of arrangements to foster child’s skills;
  • To assist a child to make the right career’s choice;
  • To find out whether your child will become reach or financially stable: BaZi identifies our financial prospects;

Individual BaZi analysis will provide you with answers to all the aforesaid questions.

What will you benefit from BaZi consulting?

It is a very good chance to find out the innate abilities of your child, to comprehend his/her behavior and psychology. You’ll be able to give some hints to teachers on child’s needs and abilities to promote further development. For instance, some children require strict discipline and the others can retire into one’s shell in such an atmosphere and therefore they need a softer approach. It is quite individual and can be very helpful in education sphere (education institution) Thus you could select the most appropriate specialized school and extra-curricular activities for your child.


Metaphysics is not a panacea however if properly applied it can turn unfavorable situation into auspicious one.

Being aware of the gifts that the heavens granted to your child you are able to maximize his/her potential for effective productivity and to help a child to leave a fulfilling life avoiding most of the obstacles. Why not let your child to do the right things and teach him/her to take the right decisions at the right time?

Natalya Zhuravel