Feng Shui forecast for 2015. Take advantage of the opportunities

Author: Наталья Журавель

Фэн-Шуй прогноз 2015

The forthcoming year of Wood Goat is represented by two elements: Wood and Earth. The cycle has 5 elements which are imbalanced. Therefore international conflicts and disputes can arise. Nevertheless this year vs the previous one supposes to be more flexible and will suggest compromise solutions. That means that on the level of the world leaders it will be easier to come to an agreement and will be a chance to find various ways to achieve your goals. Notwithstanding the armed conflicts and judicial proceedings, peace treaties will be signed.

Impact on business

Energy of the year will sustain businesses: restaurant, show business, public relations, furniture production, movie, theater, textile industry, landscape design, editorial activities, education and all other sectors, related to children, real estate, construction and agriculture.


Traveling to the West and South-West are inauspicious throughout the year. It is also not advisable to sit back to West or North East.

What to draw your attention to

People, born in a year of Ox, Goat and Dog, have to be more attentive to their health, particularly in July and October of 2015, and in January of 2016. Take care of yourself – add more fiber, vegetables, and antioxidants to your diet and exclude abundance of complex carbohydrates and sugar. In a short, move towards healthy style of life. If you were born in a year Ox then in 2015 you should be more cautious when driving a car.

Beneficial effect

The lucky ones are those whose last digit if the year of birth is 0, 4 and 8. They will be surrounded by nice people and guardian angels, and will get help almost in any situation. This year they will have a chance to find favorable solution for any situation. Children, born in 2015, have high chances to possess creativity and have financial prospects in future.

Hazardous periods

Within the periods between January 21, 2015 and February 11, 2015, May 19, 2015 and June 12, 2015, September 17, 2015 and October 9, 2015 it is not recommended to launch huge projects, take critical decision in business, try not to sort out relationship. It is applied to absolutely all irrespectively form your totem animal 🙂

Forecast for 2015 according to the sign of zodiac

In spite of the general characteristics and impact of 2015, every of us will be influenced by the year depending on the year of birth. Below you can find brief Feng Shui forecast and recommendations for 2015. You can get more detailed forecast with recommendations by ordering analysis of your personal BaZi chart. For this purpose you need to indicate date, time and place of your birth.


RatAll those, who were born in a year of Rat, will succeed and July will provide you opportunities one cannot refuse. You will have success and financial stability. In August single and lonely persons will have a chance to meet their soulmate.

Favorable colors: brown, creamy, sandy, terra-cotta, beige, white, gray, golden, silver, iron-gray.

Favorable jewelry: янтарь, гранат, цитрин, тигровый глаз, яшма, украшения из серебра, золота, лабрадор, дымчатый кварц.


OxIf you were born in a year of Ox then the next year you will have to put a great deal of efforts to stay afloat. Try to control your emotions in order accidentally not to offend people who are the closest to you. Relationship with a person you love may become more passionate and full of lovely surprises. You’ll have more positive news at the end of the year, in particular in September and December.

Favorable colors: dark blue, black, ultramarine, aquamarine.

Favorable jewelry: moon stone, topaz, diamonds, murano glass, Swarovski crystals, lazurite, aquamarine, sapphirine, rock crystal.


TigerTigers will be lucky in financial issues, but have to pay more attention to health. August will bring popularity among the persons of opposite sex and it’s up to you – to use this energy or not :).

Favorable colors: green, turquoise, emerald, aquamarine, bright green.

Favorable jewelry: turquoise, fluorite, emerald, bijouterie of natural wood, malachite, jade, blue-green amazonite.


RabbitIf you are “Rabbit” then your wisdom, equilibrium and patience will attract financial success to the next year. You also have to be more carefule on the roads and in trips.

Favorable colors: green, olive, bright green.

Favorable jewelry: turquoise, fluorite, emerald, bijouterie of natural wood, malachite, jade, green prehnite, alexandrite.


DragonFinancial successes will give you influx of new vital energy as well as attention from the side of opposite sex in September. It will inspire you to conquer new heights.

Favorable colors: white, gray, golden, silver, iron-gray, dark blue, blue, black.

Favorable jewelry: moonstone, topaz, diamonds, Murano glass. Swarovski crystals.


ЗмеяIf you are “Snake” then 2015 will be a year of career for you. You’ll be able to attain considerable career development and will have new opportunities in business – don’t miss your chance!

Favorable colors: white, gray, golden, silver, iron-gray.

Favorable jewelry: pearl, white agate, jewelry of silver and gold, labradorite, smoky quartz.


ЛошадьExciting 2015 will open up new opportunities for you that will bring success and financial prosperity. Don’t be afraid of bringing to life the most ambitious plans – go ahead!

Favorable colors: green, pistachio, emerald, aquamarine.

Favorable jewelry: turquoise, fluorite, emerald, bijouterie of natural wood, apple-green chrysophrase.


КозаAccording to Feng Shui it is recommended to those, who were born in a year of Goat, to be more engaged in charity – this will help to avoid financial losses. СThroughout the year you can have conflicts with your beloved ones however you will be able to find compromise and reach mutual understanding. Don’t forget to alternate work with rest and not to be overworked.

Favorable colors: green, turquoise, aquamarine, bright green.

Favorable jewelry: jade, green prehnite, gold-green chrysolite, apple-green chrysophrase, blue-green amazonite.


ОбезьянаIn 2015 you will have good and harmonious relationship with your soulmate. Those, who are single and lonely, will have a chance to meet your love, especially in September, and to start a happy family. You also have to take care of your food and healthy way of life.

Favorable colors: black, aquamarine, brown, sandy.

Favorable jewelry: moonstone, blue fianite, black opal, amber, citrine.


ПетухSpiritual strength and caution will help you to overcome all obstacles this year. You will have a chance to revive relationship which is at a dead end.

Favorable colors: brown, creamy, sandy, terra-cotta, beidge.

Favorable jewelry: amber, garnet, citrine, tiger’s eye, jasper, jacinth, brown aventurine, orange carnelian.


СобакаOwing to inborn prudence you will be able to evade financial losses and smooth sharp edges in relations with your closest surrounding. Keep an eye on such situations and try to be wise and patient 🙂

Favorable colors: green, olive, emerald, red, purple, crimson, coral, indigo.

Favorable jewelry: blue-green amazonite, ruby, amethyst, rose quartz, cherry-colored aventurine, orange-red onyx.


СвиньяThis year promises many interesting acquaintances, but try to evade emotional conflicts. You should also keep in mind that all you do in 2015 further will bring you success and good results.

Favorable colors: emerald, aquamarine, bright green.

Favorable jewelry: turquoise, emerald, bijouterie of natural wood, malachite.

A year of Wood Goat augurs high activity sometimes running into conflicts but still there is a chance to peace and harmonization of relations. However if you know about the changed brought by 2015 energies beforehand, you can prepare for it and use new opportunities for your benefit to the fullest extent. In hazardous and difficult situations it will help you to evade losses or minimize them. Having ordered individual Feng Shui forecast you’ll be able to develop strategy of proper behavior at all organizational levels, in order to manage your time more efficiently and solve problems for your own benefit.

I wish you Love, Peace and Harmony in 2015!

Natalya Zhuravel