Feng Shui forecast for 2013 – a year of Water Snake

Author: Наталья Журавель

1New Year’s Eve is an excellent time to make some changes at your home and work to enrich you, your close relatives and colleagues with positive energy, happiness and harmony for the whole period of the next year.

According to classical Feng Shui the first day of the New Year according to the solar calendar will come on February 4, 2013. The Water Snake will bring new energies to every corner of the globe and, of course, to the life of every person.

Peculiar feature of the next year is the arrangement of so called Flying Stars of Feng Shui. In 2013 each of the stars will take its own place and the 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) will be balanced between each other. This means that, in contrast to the previous year, the world will encounter less disturbances, conflicts and political upheavals. The authorities in power will be more compassionate and attentive to the people. Such benevolence augurs well for the whole year and is indicative of piece, harmony and happiness!

This year is favorable for students, scientists, writers as well as those engaged in research and creative activities. Indeed, intellectual occupation of all kinds will bring joy, satisfaction and aspiration to acquire and practice new knowledge.


Where to place the New Year’s tree? 🙂

New Year’s tree, decorated with bright toys and garlands, bears active Yang energy. This year the West, South-West and South sectors are favorable to place this New Year’s beauty!

Tai Sui– Prince of the year!

Due to cycling nature of energy it is recommended in Feng Shui every year to make renovations in order to avoid impact of negative energy and not to miss the most beneficial energies of the year. For this purpose it’s necessary to apply the appropriate ways of yearly correction that should be applied before February 4, 2013.

One of the most inauspicious energies of the year is Tai Sui an element in movement of Jupiter which influences the magnetic field around us depending on the year of birth. It is deemed that we should not disturb Tai Sui: it’s forbidden to carry out construction, repair works, cutting of trees, etc. in the sectors of Tai Sui’s location during a year. Tai Sui changes its location every year. In 2013 Tai Sui is situated in the south-east, from 142,6 to 157,5 degrees.

Although Tai Sui is considered as one of adverse energies of the year however if not disturbed it could bring some positive elements related to attraction of influential patrons.

Basic protective measures against Tai Sui:

  • You should not sit facing the direction of Tai Sui and should not sleep with your head oriented to Tai Sui;
  • You should avoid construction including repair works in the sector of Tai Sui’s location.




Inauspicious Stars of 2013


Sickness Star 2 (Earth element) – flies to South-West of the premises and have an adverse nature. Its energy boosts the Earth element and cause problems with health. Those, whose bedroom is in this sector, should observe safety precautions as this star can lead to diseases, in particular with abdominal cavity. If your entrance door is situated in the south-west, then all family members may be affected. Continuous opening and closing the door will activate diseases. Therefore try to use the entrance in another sector. If it’s impossible then you should suppress the excessive Earth element using Metal.

Star of Quarrels and Disputes 3  (Wood element) – inauspicious star that means legal proceedings, animosity and quarrels. It brings misunderstandings between families, friends and colleagues, problems with the authorities. In 2013 it flies to the East from offices and houses. It is an “angry star” that causes a lot of problems from minor misunderstanding to family disharmony. If the main entrance door is in the east it can cause serious conflicts, quarrels between colleagues, creating undesirable obstacles to business. Fire energy is able to provide protection in this sector.

Yellow Star 5  (Earth element) – is deemed to be the most inauspicious star among all the other stars. It brings bad luck, financial losses, and obstacles on the way to success, etc. It is the most dangerous especially in the earth Period 8. In 2013 staying in the center of the Palace its Earth energy is even more enhanced that can have impact on the whole house of job place. You should never underestimate the impact of this star. Remove all things associated with Fire energy, objects in motion like fans, TV-sets, from this area. Do not perform any repair works in this sector, as well as noisy events. Prevention is better that cure.

Robbery Star 7 (Metal element) – this unlucky star flies to the West and brings losses, danger of robbery, injuries and violence. Therefore you should be very careful. Influence of the star becomes stronger as it is situated “in its palace” in the initial Lo Shu chart. Be particularly careful if your entrance door is located in the west sector. Improve safety precautions.

Auspicious stars of 2013


Academic Star 1 – flies to the North in 2013 and brings excellent business and career opportunities. It is a lucky star that offers prospects of triumph over your competitors, it brings success and good luck. It helps you to win in any competitive environment. It brings success in career and recognition. If your office working table is in the North, most probably you will have career advancement this year.

Romance Star 4 (Wood element) –improves romantic relations and brings success in literary pursuits to writers and scientists. However you should bear in mind that, apart from Romantic Star in 2013 Tai Sui is also located in the South-East. Therefore it’s better to avoid any types of activities in this sector.

Power Star 6 (Metal element) – flies to the North-West palace and is associated with good luck and help from the Heavens. It brings success to leaders and politicians. It is an indirect star of wealth as it brings unexpected successes and ideally suits the father of the family. Assistance of powerful mentors and control over the money.

Wealth and Prosperity Star 8 (Earth element) – flies to the North-East and is associated with wealth, prosperity, success and money. It is considered as the most auspicious of all stars. In 2013 this powerful favorable star returns to its previous place in the North-East that will bring a great luck and wealth to everybody located in this area. This sector is very helpful as it’s connected with fantastic luck in money and financial success. Try to spend here more time and arrange such events ad family holidays or business negotiations.

Fame and Recognition Star 9 (Fire element) – flies to the South and may bring recognition, high social status and increase boost in income.

6In order to ensure good Feng Shui in your house and provide you smooth transition to the New Year of 2013 it’s necessary to find out the location of each of the stars in your house or office. It’s better to be prepared in order to limit the influence of destructive energies before the moment when they cause problems. We should determine correction means for inauspicious stars and properly chose activators to get maximum benefit from the auspicious stars (energies).

Benefits from the annual consulting with Feng Shui – first of all it is convenient and professional approach will help you to avoid mistakes. Professional Consultant will visit you at home or in the office, will performed required measurements and offer recommendations concerning the annual correction for 2013 in written form containing all drawings and schemes as well as detailed description. Moreover the Consultant will advise you in respect of your personal BaZi chart for the period of next year. You will be able to see changes in your personal luck. You’ll get forecast for the forthcoming year and will find out what to expect from 2013 that will enable to improve the situation at all spheres of your life!

For our recommendation we have selected the most efficient methods of annual correction applied in practice!

7Keep in mind that the new energies of 2013 will enter into effect since February 4, 2013, consequently you should care about the boosters and correction means before this date. In that case you will be able to enjoy auspicious energies of 2013 and your life will be full of piece and joy, strong health and love, recognition and success, growth of wealth and prosperity!


Natalya Zhuravel