Feng Shui and the world’s leading brands

Author: Наталья Журавель

In ancient times Feng Shui was popular among emperors of China who applied it in construction of their palaces and cities to ensure peace and harmony within the country.

Today this ancient art is practiced throughout the world. For example, the date, time and venue of the Olympic Games in 2018 in Beijing were chosen in compliance with Feng Shui principles. Such companies as Coca-Cola, Sony, Shell, Procter & Gamble, McDonalds, Virgin Airlines, Citibank, Charles Schwab, Hong Kong Disneyland, chain of Hilton hotels and many others used Feng Shui to increase well-being.

These companies applied to Feng Shui principles in order to enhance value of their services, to increase their profitability, to establish harmonious relationships and reduce staff turnover. Office arrangement according to Feng Shui principles is auspicious to create healthy, peaceful and dynamic flow of energy that is capable simultaneously to inspire and quite emotions. In business it has impact on increase of performance efficiency, improvement of health, relationship, financial situation and prosperity of the company. Feng Shui is one of the elements of competitive advantage on the market!

Many famous people apply this ancient teaching in improvement of all aspects of their life, including health, well-being and finances.

Donald Tramp

Фэн-шуй и мировые бренды



Donald Tramp is one of the most famous businessmen in the world whose business grip has no equal. He is called the icon of business in New York. Many people close to Donald Tramp believe that all he touches turns into gold. Moreover Trump brand is recognized by the whole world as gold standard.

Donald Tramp, who cooperates with Feng Shui masters since 1970, says:

«I must not believe in Feng Shui but I use it as it brings me money”.

Donald Tramp applies Feng Shui principles to protect his investments, increase profit and make his business more successful.

As it well known he spends a lot of money to construction and architectural re-planning of his buildings, continuous change of entrance locations, etc. For example, Donald hired Feng Shui master to work on Trump Tower. Following Feng Shui principles the main entrance was built in front of the Central Park in order to use positive energy and bring prosperity to the building. Central park is a “green dragon with a pearl” and we know that dragon is associated with wealth! They put a sphere in the front of the building to lessen strong flow of energy. It is simple but powerful Feng Shui tool, which slows down the streams of inauspicious energy and counteracts the “strokes” at the building. A plenty of other Feng Shui techniques were applies inside and outside the building.


Trump World Tower, a building with a special kind of glass façade, is situated in the downtown of Manhattan and provides incomparable luxury of New York’s urban landscape.

Bill Gates




We all know Bill Gates as a king of Microsoft. His house was built in compliance with all rules of Feng Shui. Construction of the house took more than 7 years. It is situated on the bank of Washington Lake with a picturesque landscape in the suburbs of Medina, Washington state. From behind the house is protected by the hill (Turtle), which provides safety and support. Dragon and Tiger are classically inscribed in the landscape surrounding and ensure additional strengths. In front of the house there is a free space – Phoenix. It is a fantastic Feng Shui with stunning landscape surrounded by lakes and hills.


Modern house of XXI century was built using state-of-the-art electronic systems. Every member of Bill’s family has an electronic microchip which sends out signals all over the house since any of them enters the house. House temperature and other conditions vary depending on the selected settings. Speakers are hidden behind the wallpapers to enable the music to follow the house dweller from one room to another. Portable sensors control all devices starting from TV-set to temperature and light in the room which can be brighter of darker depending on the occasion or daylight.

The house is favorable in all senses. It’s not a coincidence that the neighbors of Bill Gates are also famous millionaires :).





Complex of the Coca-Cola Co headquarters in Atlanta has more than 4,000 employees in 29-story building that was built in 1979 and is still noticeable in the downtown.


Many of you will be surprised to learn that this powerful corporation uses Feng Shui as a supplementary tool to expand their business and simultaneously to reduce stress in their offices. At the same time we can see steady increase in profit and performance efficiency of their employees.

Interior space of the building is made more open. On the first floor, occupied by the executives, they removed potted plants and in some places they installed protection for emission of positive energy, removed all ashtrays that is consistent with corporate smoking cessation policy.

The entire infrastructure is located in such a way that there was an opportunity of favorable influence on promoting cooperation and increasing performance efficiency. In corporate culture design they also applied the best technologies.

In brief, this Company ideally combines internal rules and Feng Shui principles for auspicious and efficient work of the employees and success of the Company.

Ford Motor Company



In the summer of 2007 Ford Motor Company has been acquired by Tata Group. USA mortgage market collapsed and financial crisis occurred. However, despite of this fact, Tata Group not only began to sell more automobiles, but also raised profit in more than 50%. For sure Feng Shui played a critical role in this case.

Richard Branson




Richard Branson is a British entrepreneur, founder of Virgin Corporation which includes about 350 subsidiaries: music CD disks, airline and railway companies, radio station, publishing house and racing team.

He uses classical Feng Shui to improve the well-being.

Every time when his Company opens a new office, they consult Feng Shui experts. Richard Branson knows that Fang Shui is capable to increase efficiency, productiveness, improve wellbeing, health and harmony.

In fact it’s not compulsory to believe in Feng Shui to perform your activities. It does matter whether you believe in magnetism or electricity – it exists anyway and has impact on all things you do.

Feng Shui is not a religion or superstition. Feng Shui is a science and art that combines the energy, space, people and time in a single whole. Feng Shui is not just a tool for rich and famous people. It is an art and at present it is applied by tens of thousands of humans and their families enriching their life by all possible means! Feng Shui is an ancient art and a science of life in harmony with the environment. It represents natural powers which are generated in your environment and controlled by the laws of the Universe.

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