Feng Shui and Conception

Author: Наталья Журавель


Most of the families dream to have children and full happy family. Nevertheless many couples face difficulties in conceiving a child. There can be a variety of reasons although according to Chinese medicine all problems with health are caused by separation of humans from nature and breaking one’s inner harmony.

Applying to the hospital married couples undergo medical examination. It’s good when the cause is clear and doctors know what needs to be done. However sometimes it also happens that none of the examinations could find the exciting cause.

Then, trying to find a solution, we often turn to alternative practices, e.g. Feng Shui. If you visit bookstore or try to search for the articles titled “Conception and Feng Shui” via Internet then you will find a plenty of recommendations how to dispose elephants, tigers, Hotei and angelets in the bedroom, things of what colors to use, where to move your bed and what to put under the mattress to activate zone of fertility. There are a lot of advices however is it really so simple – can the general recommendations help everyone and are you able to create favorable Feng Shui at home by yourself? To clarify this issue first we should define the term “Feng Shui”.

Feng Shui – is an ancient eastern practice related to harmony of humans with the environment. It is an art which enables to use auspicious influence of the environment in everyday life.

It is evident that this practice assumes more efforts than just arrangement of statuettes and housecleaning. Certainly no one can deny the benefits of cleanness in the house. Arrangement of frogs and dragons will also have a positive psychological impact. Primary goals of Feng Shui Master are to study and correct negative influence of external objects on your home: all things located near the area of the house. Thereafter the Master works with interior objects – apartment layout, arrangement of household appliances, etc.



Concerning the conception failure when doctors are helpless for decades the families live together being persuaded that they are not capable to have children however their BaZi chart can evidence the opposite.

Seeking professional advices of Feng Shui expert you can comprehend the reasons, invisible to the naked eye, and define certain measures to improve your life. There may be a wide variety of reasons –inauspicious combination of stars, star mismatch at the entrance to the apartment or even wrong location of toilet facilities. According to the recommendations to improve Feng Shui of your house for someone it’s just sufficient to move kitchen stove to another place, for others – to change location of bed. Though this step is not enough to solve the problem. Usually you need to perform a complex of activities which are recommended by Feng Shui expert of the project individually on case-by-case basis.

For the whole period of my work as a Feng Shui expert I’ve seen many different destinies. In each case stars were arranged in a different way therefore the recommendations were different. Nevertheless a solution was found per each case and human life became more harmonious and fulfilling.

It’s important to realize that not everything is in human hands but quite a lot of things, and, for sure, we are able to improve our life. It is of critical importance to do it properly!


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