DNEPR POST: Natalya Zhuravel «About this year of the Fire Monkey and about Feng Shui in Dnepropetrovsk»

Author: Наталья Журавель

Наталья Журавель о годе обезьяны и Фэн-шуй

General trends of 2016

China traditionally celebrates New Year according to the lunar calendar. This is predominantly a folk custom. The new moon will come just in a few days on February 8, 2016. On that day all ethnic Chinese will celebrate New Year. However the Chinese astrology and Feng Shui use the solar calendar. Therefore today, on February 4 at 11.48 a.m. (Kiev time) a change of the season will take place. It is a starting point for astrological spring when the energy begins to grow and develop. It is a beginning of the new annual cycle. At this moment the Fire Monkey fully comes into its own rights.

The Fire Monkey is smart, sly and artistic. It has an unpredictable character and can be simultaneously kind and aggressive. The Monkey is capable of provoking conflicts, in particular, in February, May and August of 2016.

As for the industry and business in general this year can be difficult for production of automobiles, machine building and metallurgy. Restaurant business, advertising, show business, fashion industry, energy sector, entertainment and movie industry will prosper. Insurance companies, agrarian industry and real estate sector will have more resources and support.

The Monkey is a travelling horse. Those who are born in the year of Horse or Dog will travel a lot this year. As for those who are born in the year of Tiger, Snake or Monkey, they have to be cautious during the trips for the whole year. The most unfavorable days are: February 5, February 17, February 29,
May 8, May 20 and June 1.
On these days it would be better to be more careful crossing the roads or driving a car, it is not also recommended to sign any documents, enter into new contracts and start serious business.

Periods of 2016 when it is better not to buy real estate or automobile:

Between April 24 and May 22

Between August 30 and September 22

Between December 19 and January 8

In2016 it is not recommended to travel to the North-East and South-West, as it can attract diseases during a trip or after returning home or, for example, it can result in problems with business, career or family.

Favorable travelling destinations are the West, North-West, East and South-East.

The Monkey is also an Academic Star. Therefore the children born in 2016 will be clever, gifted and intellectually advanced generation.

Forecast for Dnepropetrovsk for 2016

Flying Star of the year is number two – energy of diseases and indirect energy of money. Sickness problem will be relevant not only for Dnepropetrovsk, but also for the whole world. It can cause diseases connected with digestive organs, respiratory system and abdominal cavity organs. Epidemic can affect children. Even now we can see how serious the flu epidemic in Ukraine is. Dnepropetrovsk is related to the central part of Ukraine. In Dnepropetrovsk people can suffer from diseases much more than in other cities of Ukraine. Therefore you should take preventive measures and ask for medical assistance in proper time.

The Flying Star number two is partially associated with money. That is why Dnepropetrovsk will spend a lot of money to solve the health care problems.

2016 is an appropriate time to go in for sports and improve your health. The Monkey will open up new horizons for people who are used to work hard. Spring and summer energy is appropriate for innovations, inventions and dynamic activities. The second half of the year is auspicious for summing up the results of the year and completion of the activities that have been started.

Feng Shui in your house

The entrance door in Feng ShuiAccording to Feng Shui the entrance door and sleeping place play the most important role in the house. For the office such important places are the entrance door and the working table. Be careful if the door of your house or office is located in the North East. In such premises people are more susceptible to unfavorable energies of the year, in particular, those who were born in the year of Tiger, Ox or Monkey. Therefore people living in such houses should not undertake any commitments related to any financial risks.





In order to avoid serious diseases and injuries children who were born in 2010 should not sleep in the North-East part of the house and their bed should not be located in the North-East direction.

The East and South-East will be the most favorable sectors in the house. Family couples who are planning a birth of a child can use the auspicious energies of the East and South-East, for instance, placing the bed in the South-East sector in the East direction.

Now we have many disputes in respect of changing the name Dnepropetrovsk into Sicheslav. Would you, please, give your comments which of the names, Sicheslav or Dnepr, is the most favorable for our citizens?

“Sicheslav” is associated with Yang Metal, a heavy metal. It is an iron sword or knife, military element and heart of the knight. It is a symbol of endurance, strength, power and will. It is an ability to confer patronage to people who need support. Yang Metal is a Leader. However there is the other side of the coin and the name Sicheslav means stubbornness and lack of flexibility, in that way Sicheslav can make enemies.

The next 20-years period will start at 2024 and will be associated with Fire energy.  This is a period of extrasensory abilities that will allow seeing not only the energies of our world but also the energies at the level of Galaxy. The Fire controls the Metal and, thus, weakens it. If we name our city as Sicheslav since 2023 the energy of the city will become extinct, the militancy will be under control and will lose its relevance receding into the background.


As for the name «Dnepr» it is associated with the Yang Water. It is very strong and active water. First of all it is it means flexibility and adaptation to any circumstances. This is the energy which overcomes all difficulties on the way to the designated purpose. It is mind, intelligence, leadership skills and an ability to surpass all others. It is an optimism, tactfulness and diplomacy. Name of the river Dnepr in the name of the city is more related to business, communication and building relationships.

For sure each of the names is endowed with certain energy and it is said not without a reason that “how you name your boat so it will flow”. Citizens of the city have to make their own choice.

About Feng-Shui in Dnepropetrovsk

Dnepropetrovsk and Feng-ShuiA few years ago I have shown a map of our city to the Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. He said that we were the happiest people because we lived in the very “Dragoon’s den” .

Dnepropetrovsk is located in a very auspicious place – in the river’s arms. Initially the city was born on the right bank of the river and it is not a coincidence. River Dnepr goes around the right bank. All business part of the city is concentrated in this place. Water is money and prosperity. It is not without a reason that the most prestigious districts are Nagorny Rynok and Dzerzhynskogo Street (new name is Vladimira Vernadskogo Street) which are in the bend of the river.

Favorable energy in the Shevshenko ParkHow can it be used for the benefit of an ordinary human? With the first sun rays and till the midday the energy growth and is accumulated to the maximum. This time can be used for walks or physical exercises in the Shevshenko Park. On the days before a full moon the energy is the most powerful. Therefore you will be able not only to improve your health but also to bring favourable energy into your life. It is one of the most efficient ways.

“Dragoon’s den” can be found in various corners of our planet, for example, in Switzerland there are many mountains and water that is why it is considered as auspicious according to Feng Shui. If we have water – we have money and if we have mountains – we have health and family well-being. Our city has no mountains but we have hills which protect us. According to Feng Shui the relief, water ways and soil quality in Dnepropetrovsk favour to growth and development. It is an ideal place for a city where the quality of energy enables the city to become really reach and prosperous. We all know that Dnepropetrovsk is not only the largest business centre but also is famous as a space capital of Ukraine.

Let us hope that in 2016 in Dnepropetrovsk we will build many new houses and apartments as well as new shops, restaurants, children’s playgrounds and that the energies of the Fire Monkey will bring us only growth, development and prosperity!